Close Protection for Court Hearings


  • Our client had a vulnerable family member who was required to appear in court.
  • They were concerned their relative would be attacked or abused at the location of the court appearance.
  • They were concerned that the family member would be followed enabling associates of the people involved in the court case to attack or abuse them at their home.
  • The family member felt personally threatened and scared.


We deployed a security team comprising of a security driver and close protection operative (CPO) both of whom were former UK Police Officers. The team reviewed access to the court to identify the most discreet routes in and out of the court premises. The security driver organised routes and liaised with the CPO to fix the drop off location and establish the area was clear and safe. The same process was used at the end of the hearing.


  • The client’s family member was able to arrive at the safest point where the CPO was already present to escort them in to court.
  • The family member was moved directly from the court to the vehicle and so able to leave court before they could be harassed.

The presence of the Mobius team meant the family member could focus on the court hearing itself, in the knowledge that all their movements were being managed to mitigate their possible exposure to any risk.