Counter Surveillance


  • Our blue-chip corporate client became aware that one of its executive team might be under surveillance by an unknown party.
  • There were concerns for the safety of the executive and potentially industrial espionage
  • The client felt it had a duty of care to address the concern which had been identified although the member of the executive team did not wish for close protection.


Mobius set up a bespoke counter surveillance team using experts with former MI5, UK Special Forces and Police Counter Terrorism Surveillance experience. The team established full details of the executive’s daily routine from departure from home in the morning to their return later the same day. They then agreed acceptable specific routes for all the daily activities covering routes by London underground, walking and car, to and from meetings etc. In each scenario our team was ahead of the executive at key points on the route so we had sight of them through out the journey to confirm or disprove the presence of hostile surveillance. The operation was established for three weeks.


  • reports were provided to the client’s management team.
  • Suspicious activity or concerns were highlighted within the report and by secure message.
  • The client was able to meet their duty of care responsibilities, ensuring the safety of their executive without interference in their routine activities

The client used the information provided to decide on the further action which was required.