Event security and covert surveillance


  • Our corporate client wanted to ensure the security of an event attended by a number of their own executives, other high-profile business leaders and celebrities.
  • The client wanted to ensure the polite but effective handling of any members of the public outside the event
  • There were also concerns that there may be a hostile disruptive element attending the event location in the crowd.
  • The client required the discreet management of any potentially intoxicated high-profile guests inside the event.


Mobius deployed a combined events security team using experienced former government security operatives and an experienced surveillance team. The security operatives would focus on the protection and wellbeing of guests whilst the surveillance team monitored the crowd remotely and from within. Feedback would be continuous between both sides of the team regarding any elements within the gathering causing a risk. In this way the security team continuously adapt their positioning to provide maximum effect.


  • The event passed smoothly and the client’s expectations were met.
  • Attempts to gain uninvited access to the event were prevented

The disruption outside the event did not encroach on the event itself and the imbedded Surveillance were able to closely monitor tensions within the crowd and feedback to the security team.