Executive Close Protection


  • Our client was a business which had a senior executive who was receiving unfavourable media attention at their home and place of work.
  • They had concerns that press intrusion would continue.
  • Our client’s senior management team were concerned that the executive and his family may be subjected to abuse from members of the public.
  • Mobius received the request for immediate assistance late afternoon when our client became aware of a press article which was to be published regarding one of their senior executives.


We made an immediate assessment of the situation and agreed with the client that the executive should receive 24/7 close protection. There should also be additional security put in place at both their home address and place of work.  These solutions should be put in place as soon as possible. The team should be a combination of ex UK Special Forces and former UK and Metropolitan Police.


  • By 8am the following morning. Mobius had deployed a team of close protection operatives and security drivers for the executive and his young family.
  • Attempts by the media to gain access to the executive were prevented
  • When members of the public tried to engage the executive, we were able to politely prevent any abuse and remove the executive from the location.
  • The close protection operators in place at the executive’s residence gave comfort and reassurance to the family and additional protection to the family home. They discreetly accompanied their partner and/or children whenever they left the house enabling them to continue with their school runs, daily routines and other activities with little to no disruption.
  • At the commercial premises, we provided three additional security staff to support the client’s existing security team.
  • Mobius was able to make recommendations to improve on the security systems and procedures at both locations.