Embassy & Consulate Security


Embassy & Consulate Security

At Mobius International, we have the expertise and knowledge required to safeguard an Embassy or Consulate environment. Following a thorough risk assessment and site survey, we can offer a complete solution that spans highly-skilled security personnel, advanced systems and Surveillance.

  • Experts in complete security systems including Technical Suites, Access Control, ID systems and staff protection measures such as Safe Rooms
  • Includes a complete, bespoke risk assessment and recommendations
  • Mobius operatives and industry partners utilise cutting edge technology and methodology
  • Our highly-skilled team have prior experience of the unique considerations needed in such an environment


Security solutions for your specialist needs

Embassies and Consulates can constitute a particularly high-risk or volatile environment. Due to their association with their respective countries, they may become symbolic targets for acts of protest or terrorism. We understand security will be of paramount importance. At Mobius International, we have the expertise to advise you on all necessary measures, and we can supply experienced operatives able to respond to any threat level.

Initially, we will conduct a full Threat and Risk Site Assessment of the Consulate or Embassy premises to ensure we provide the optimal solution for your security needs. These security services are used as part of an overall protection operation. In an Embassy/Consulate setting, security measures can span entry scanners, skilled security operatives, surveillance, counter-surveillance and physical barriers to intrusion or harm such as bollards/ crash barriers, access control or gating systems and Safe Rooms.

We have provided Security Surveys, Threat & Risk Assessments, Security Systems and trained operatives globally, and our personnel have former experience in the delivery of protection to ambassadors in high-risk environments. Delivery can involve security for the embassy, training and responsibility for locally employed security personnel and drivers employed by the embassy, the security of the ambassador’s residence and Close Protection services.

Professional Manned Guarding Solutions

We take great pride in the quality of our team. Many of our male and female security guards are former UK Police Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection (PaDP) with exemplary former military and police careers. Many individuals have provided security for key government establishments, including 10 Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, Parliament and Ministry of Defence at Whitehall.

Impeccable, fully vetted and selected explicitly to your preference, you can expect excellent presentation combined with high levels of communication, etiquette and protocol. The security service provided remains second-to-none. In addition to this unfaltering attention to detail, you can be assured of our staff’s professionalism and discretion. Each has signed in-depth Service Agreements & Scope of Works with embedded NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements).

Bespoke security packages tailored to your needs

We can recommend and install a full array of advanced security systems to monitor the Embassy or Consulate premises. These systems include:

  • Motion & Vibration Sensors, Infrared (IR) Radiation Sensors, Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)
  • Thermal Sensors, Perimeter Surveillance Radar (PSR), Microphonic Cable Intrusion Sensors
  • Auto-Tracking Thermal / IR, CCTV with Video Motion Detection (VMD), Safe (Panic) Rooms
  • Access Control, Technical Suites, Panic Alarms, Above or beneath-ground Volumetric Sensors

Our systems are invariably installed to work in conjunction with a 24/7 manned guarding solution.

Mobius International has built a reputation as a security specialist. Over the past thirty years, we have developed a network of existing and former government contacts all over the world, including Europe, South America, Australia, Russia, Canada and Japan. We have provided protection services to Governments, Corporations, members of Royal families, the military and world business leaders.


Our range of security services can be tailored to ensure the most appropriate solution for you


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We’d be happy to discuss the details with you to recommend the best options available to you. Our Embassy & Consulate Security services are often used in addition to other security measures, including Close Protection Surveillance Counter Surveillance Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Security Drivers Penetration Testing Security Audits / Risk Advisory Event Security Specialist Training

For a professional and global specialist protection service, contact Mobius International today on 0207 060 5595.