Security Audits / Risk Advisory


Security Audits and Risk Surveys

We provide independent security audits for government buildings and high-status individuals around the world. Our highly trained team can assess security arrangements at all levels. A professional security audit will assess the levels of security currently in place.

  • Undertake a security audit to assess your security levels and identify improvements
  • Our experts can implement recommended improvements to your wishes
  • We also offer vulnerability studies and bespoke personal surveys for residences, new sites, related assets and high-threat individuals


Audit your security levels

Our security audits are a theoretical exercise used to gauge your security levels and effectiveness. This thorough audit of your security systems, personnel and procedure, will result in a full report containing recommendations for changes and guidelines to improve your security. These changes will then be implemented according to your wishes, and we’ll provide details on risk mitigation and return on investment.

Our government-trained security personnel complete every security audit. Each team member has a government background and a high level of training and expertise in the security field. Our staff have worked for British and Foreign governments and now provide a government standard service to the private market.

The team at Mobius International can review, assess and table-top test existing security plans for:

  • Buildings
  • Businesses
  • Property
  • People

We also provide ‘hands-on’ covert security audits of third-party premises if required, with many of our audits benefiting from our ‘Penetration Testing’ service.

Security Surveys, Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Mobius International can also conduct vulnerability studies and bespoke personal surveys for your residence/s, premises, related assets and high-threat individuals.

Whether you’re planning an activity, visiting a new location or need a new or existing property to be assessed, we have a team of former government operatives that can provide security surveys, threat, risk, and vulnerability assessments.

As a first step, we’ll need to understand your security needs. We can then provide you with our pre-planning assessments and recommendations in detailed reports. Our company can deliver assessments across multiple sites around the world.

Every report is tailored to each client’s security and budgetary needs. All assessment proposals come with in-depth explanations concerning the assessed threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, plus the provision of accurate recommendations. We can provide pre-planning assessments for multiple sites and work closely with architects and interior designers to ensure no security detail is overlooked in the planning of your new residence.

We produce accurate risk assessments for:

  • Businesses
  • Embassies and consulates
  • Offices and residential properties
  • Organisations
  • People


Our range of security services can be tailored to ensure the most appropriate solution for you


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We’d be happy to discuss the details with you to recommend the best options available to you. Our Security Audits / Risk Advisory services are often used in addition to other security measures, including Embassy & Consulate Security Close Protection Surveillance Counter Surveillance Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Security Drivers Penetration Testing Event Security Specialist Training

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