Technical Surveillance Counter Measures


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

At Mobius International, we have a strategic partner that provides effective Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) for governments and world leaders. If you consider yourself (or the Principal) to be under technical Surveillance or feel that you are at risk of data theft, we can offer a range of solutions that will detect any possible threats and provide you with peace of mind – all conducted by former government specialists.

  • Our experienced team can sweep areas of buildings, vehicles and yachts to ensure they are clear of hostile Surveillance and advise you on data security
  • Protecting electronic devices from data theft and intrusion
  • Counter-measures include white noise recording disruptors


Guarding against data theft and technical Surveillance

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is a very specialist service, and at Mobius International, we have an established partnership with a leading provider in this field. In the business of keeping one step ahead of this fast-moving and evolving area, our partnership gives us access to their specialist expertise, new technologies and the latest counter measures.

Our partners are world leaders in the provision of detecting and countering technical surveillance devices for government and leading businesses globally.  They have in excess of 30 years of experience and are a major partner distributor of the leading technical equipment. Each electronic sweep is conducted by an experienced and passionate team utilising highly specialist technology.

If you feel under threat of a data breach or even under surveillance, it’s vital to act decisively to counter any threat to your person, business or reputation. Our experienced partners can electronically sterilise and monitor your property or premises. The latest range of REI equipment can detect the latest hostile devices within the designated building or location.

We can also provide security film to windows and white noise recording disruptors to counter technical surveillance activity.

Deploying Searchlight for efficient detection

Through our strategic partnership, Mobius International is one of only 3 companies within the United Kingdom that can deploy ‘Searchlight’, a state-of-the-art bug detector. It provides a cost-effective, fast and comprehensive means of detecting and locating the most rapidly emerging mobile phone/ SIM card devices for eavesdropping. Searchlight is a highly restricted product only available to government agencies and accredited TCSM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) companies.

Using Searchlight, we can electronically sweep:

  • Government buildings such as embassies and consulates
  • Royal Palaces
  • Residences
  • Vehicles
  • Conference Rooms
  • Offices
  • Board rooms
  • Hotel Rooms

You can be confident that the team has encountered all forms of surveillance threats and can advise on information security and methods to combat electronic eavesdropping. As leaders in this field, Mobius International will offer you a discreet and premium service.


Our range of security services can be tailored to ensure the most appropriate solution for you


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We’d be happy to discuss the details with you to recommend the best options available to you. Our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures services are often used in addition to other security measures, including Embassy & Consulate Security Close Protection Surveillance Counter Surveillance Security Drivers Penetration Testing Security Audits / Risk Advisory Event Security Specialist Training

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