• Our client was a business which had suffered an overnight theft of cash at their premises.
  • They had concerns that a member or members of staff may have been involved.

Our client wanted to project a strong response to dissuade any similar incidents.


Mobius provided two former UK Police Detectives to attend the site over three days. They reviewed CCTV footage, liaised with local police and interviewed staff at the Client’s premises.


  • We were able to gather conclusive evidence showing a member of staff had been involved.
  • We were able to identify an accomplice who was not a member of staff.
  • Our investigators clearly established the means of entry, the theft of a company vehicle and made recommendations for improved future security measures.

The results were reported to our client who used them as the basis for dismissal of the staff member and with the client’s approval, our investigation report was also provided to the local police.