Penetration Test


  • Our client had an important requirement to assess, confirm and verify the effectiveness of security provision throughout a warehouse/ compound location.
  • The target location had a security Gatehouse for access control, perimeter fence-line with CCTV and 24/7 security monitoring.
  • The requirement was to assess and test the security of security guarding manpower, physical access, security systems and procedure, response of the monitoring control station and cyber.


Two initial deployments were conducted and a Covert Observation Post (COP) established to monitor the Gatehouse, details and location of lighting and CCTV and egress of staff observed. Close Target Recces (CTRs) were conducted to examine gates and details of padlocks.

Two further deployments conducted breaching perimeter fence-line where examinations of fire doors for possible point of entry and response of CCTV and analytics tested.

Fence-line was scaled again with 15kg of kit where a key was then made to gain access (entry time taken: 10 mins). Further access throughout the building was gained by snapping euro profile locks and magnetised door locks pulled with force. 

Result: Full detailed reports provided from all aspects concerning physical, systems and cyber security with recommendations for improvement. Many failings were identified throughout the warehouse security operation and further penetration tests are planned for.