Superyacht Security


Superyacht & Megayacht Security

We provide security for superyachts and megayachts and all individuals on board. At Mobius International, we have supplied protection for some of the largest privately-owned vessels in the world. We will start by thoroughly assessing possible risks and threats to your superyacht, then advise you on the best systems and methods to minimise them.

  • Security for superyachts and megayachts and individuals onboard for events, trips or full-time
  • Includes a full risk assessment and bespoke security plan
  • Staffed by former government personnel with maritime expertise
  • Able to improve your security longer term via security training for your crew


Highly competent security specialists and sailors

Whether your vessel is at sea, in port or dry dock, our range of superyacht and megayacht security solutions will ensure the safety of your yacht, its guests and its crew. All staff are highly trained former Special Boat Service that have previously worked for British and Foreign governments.

A valuable addition to your crew

Whether you’re sailing for business or pleasure, our security services can enhance your personal safety. All of our superyacht security staff are competent in the use of tender craft and a full array of water sports craft. As such, our personnel will prove a valuable addition to your ship’s crew.

They can also improve your yacht’s security longer term by providing crew training in security procedures and security awareness, ship and port risk assessments and security plans. Using our knowledge and prior experience, we can help you navigate the world’s waters and ports with a greater awareness of where potential risks lie.

Superyacht and megayacht security for every event

Wherever you intend to travel, we can give you extra peace of mind. At Mobius International, we can supply the following security services for you and your yacht:

  • Full-time close protection
  • Temporary security for onboard events
  • Passage planning
  • Transits and relocation security
  • General security risk appraisals
  • Specialist divers


Our range of security services can be tailored to ensure the most appropriate solution for you


Find Out More

We’d be happy to discuss the details with you to recommend the best options available to you. Our Superyacht Security services are often used in addition to other security measures, including Residential Estate & Office Security Close Protection Surveillance Counter Surveillance Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Security Drivers Penetration Testing Security Audits / Risk Advisory

For a professional and global specialist protection service, contact Mobius International today on 0207 060 5595.