Surveillance Services

Mobius International has extensive experience in Surveillance operations. This involves observation of a person or location by covert (hidden) methods. Information may be gathered by visual, photographic or technical means, and the process might take place in one location, on foot or via specially adapted surveillance vehicles.

  • Observation of a person or location by covert means
  • Utilising the latest technological advancements to deliver results
  • A highly confidential service used to gather evidence or information
  • All operators are former specialist government unit


We can help you uncover the facts

Knowledge is power. If you have suspicions, concerns or doubts, we can uncover the facts you seek.  Our surveillance services can involve gathering evidence information concerning fraud, marital infidelity, stalking or personal disputes. We can also help trace named individuals and present evidence of their location and wellbeing.

Such work is highly discreet, confidential, and skilled. Rest assured that at Mobius International, we operate within the boundaries of UK law (or country applicable) to ensure your reputation is protected along with your interests.

Using technology to deliver results

Our surveillance and counter-surveillance operations are results-driven. We use the latest bespoke covert audio, video and tracking vehicles and equipment to deliver tangible evidence for our clients. Whatever the reasons for obtaining the information and intelligence, from confirmation of suspicions, evidence gathering, countering industrial/ corporate espionage, or gaining intelligence on adversaries or opponents, we can investigate and provide you with the answers, facts or evidence you need.

Highly-skilled operatives

Our operatives are highly experienced and have built careers in specialist government units. Our teams draw on former members of:

  • UK Special Forces (Special Reconnaissance Regiment)
  • Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command (SO15)
  • MI5 (Security Service)
  • Terrorism Investigation Unit, Police Service Northern Ireland
  • Metropolitan Police Specialist Crime & Operations (SCO11 Surveillance)


Our range of security services can be tailored to ensure the most appropriate solution for you

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We’d be happy to discuss the details with you to recommend the best options available to you. Our Surveillance services are often used in addition to other security measures, including Residential Estate & Office Security Close Protection Counter Surveillance Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Security Drivers Penetration Testing Security Audits / Risk Advisory Superyacht Security

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