Residential Security

– Role:

To provide security to the residence, the people and property within.

Residence Security is a huge undertaking involving considerations on par with those of a Close Protection Team. Electronic systems of alert and the procedures adopted in detection, assessment and subsequent reactive ‘actions on’ require extensive training and experienced management. Unfortunately, anything associated with a residence in the commercial world is not given the focused deference it deserves and often left to those personnel with less training and experience in protection-related issues. This is far from how it should be, and the attendant security, both in terms of staff and systems, is of absolute equal importance to those directly involved in the physical protection of the Principal him or herself.

Residences of our clients, past and present, differ immensely as a direct result of the socio-economic, political, and royal or indeed, military status of the Principal concerned. This can result in the property having had security systems previously installed – or not. They vary from specifically built-for-purpose buildings from the ground up with security measures an absolute priority, to large residences on estates with little security consideration whatsoever. As a result of increased crime and the severity of that crime, security has not only become a genuine concern to many of affluence but to the many as a whole. Without the comfort of government agency support and the cushioning infrastructure it affords, this concern is naturally heightened in the civilian commercial arena. The contracted security company will therefore likely be the integral consultant in systems installation recommendations and procedure, if not in least one the first ports of call for any security advice and issues associated with residential security. This is of particular relevance if an increased threat to the Principal has been experienced and the consideration to the presence of a Close Protection Team, Residence Security Team and/ or Systems installation is a direct result. Further ‘add-on’ security issues will naturally be encompassed in addition to the main protective effort. In addition to the threat assessment of the Principal, Residence Security must address many factors if the level of security is to be effective, consistent and non-obtrusive.

These can be broken down as follows:

  • Country/ location
  • History & probability of natural disasters; earthquakes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes, landslides, volcanic eruptions
  • War & armed aggression/ civil instability/ local crime
  • Areas external of the perimeter boundary
  • Perimeter
  • Perimeter access control
  • Open ground, dead ground and ‘hidden’ areas
  • Building glass, doors and external fixtures
  • Building access control
  • Building fire detection
  • Panic/ Safe Room(s)
  • Reaction times of the emergency services

When a protection requirement exists resulting in the employment of designated security, then the initial threat assessment undertaken must involve an evaluation of what security measures already exist, if any, combined with what measures are required. For government-led operations the respective security department would undertake this. Commercially, this initial assessment could be conducted by a security services provider or a Close Protection Team Leader. Regardless of what environment the operation is conducted in, whether government (including military) or commercial, the assessor must assess any existing systems installed, the level of manpower for the task and the procedures involved. He must then, of course, make recommendations where required, whether that involves an increase or change of systems, increase or change of manpower or indeed implementing policy and procedure.

With effective professional recommendations actioned, any undetected breaches of security are minimal to non-existent. Security is alerted in advance of any approach to the perimeter, over, through or under the perimeter and any movement within the grounds itself. Find out more related to best online pokies real money nz. The intrusion detection is tracked until intervened.

The security recommendations made and the subsequent installation work that entails should be carried out to provide maximum security to the property but in the most discreet manner and in the most unobtrusive fashion possible. All installations should be aesthetically pleasing and in tune with buildings and surrounding areas. It is of extreme importance that the residents feel safe but not imprisoned, and are relaxed in a secure environment, safe in the knowledge that undesirables cannot affect an undetected trespass, and that persons and property alike are secure.  The Residence Security Team is an integral part to an overall security effort. As such, every member of the RST must be carefully chosen so as to “fit in” to what is, after all, the Principal’s private home. Choosing the correct company therefore to assess your security needs and implement your requirements is fundamental to effective security provision and accurate return of investment.

At Mobius International, we provide a complete residential, estate & office security service for you, your family and residence. We undertake a full threat assessment and provide recommendations utilising world leading innovative technological advancements and methodology.

Our Residence Security guards are the industry’s’ ‘best in class’. With experience as members of the Metropolitan Police Diplomatic Protection Group in protecting residences such as Buckingham Palace, St James’ Palace, Kensington Palace and Clarence House it is no wonder that our personnel are highly sought. Our personnel are fully vetted, licensed and selected according to your wishes. They are as impeccable in presentation as they are in the professionalism of the course of their duties.

Mobius International has substantial in depth experience in the security of residences and offices in the UK and around the world. Whatever the specific or generic threats your residence and your family may experience, we will accurately assess the requirements, provide recommendations and seamlessly deliver solutions. When you choose our residential, estate and office security service, you will find that our manpower and security systems will integrate seamlessly into your household with no disruption.

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