Residential Security


  • Our client was a private individual with a London residence which they wished to secure.
  • A large number of high value items were kept on the premises.
  • A number of staff were working full time at the residence.
  • Our client spent the majority of the year overseas.


We selected a suitably experienced team of former UK Police Officers to work on an inhouse/residential basis providing full security for the premises its surrounding area.


  • There is now a permanent security presence which monitors CCTV, carries out regular patrols and ensures all parts of the home remain secure.
  • Trades people are liaised with to make sure their access is monitored at all times.
  • A full log of security events, visits and any accompanying CCTV footage is maintained by the team as well as information from police in relation to local crime levels, thereby keeping the client fully informed.
  • Ongoing training is given to the house staff to make sure the best practices are in place to protect the client’s property
  • The team provides security for the client, his family and visiting guests when they are in residence.

Regular reviews are undertaken to make recommendations for improvements.