Surveillance Training


  • Our client was an overseas security company which had recognised an opportunity to provide surveillance operatives to the local government in their country.
  • They required a bespoke surveillance training course.
  • There was some urgency for delivery based on commitments they had already made.
  • There were also cost constraints based on the number of staff who needed training
  • Their existing security team had no previous surveillance training or experience.


We met with the client’s representatives as soon as possible to establish the nature of the training required and the background/skills of the trainees. We selected two former instructors from UK special forces to create a bespoke training course.


  • The instructors created and delivered a bespoke training course which met the client’s requirements to have trained surveillance staff available by the deadline and within budget.
  • The course was delivered in the client’s country

The instructors provided a full review and assessment of the trainees including making recommendations for potential team leaders.