• Our high-profile corporate client was concerned that one of their employees may be undertaking a second job during hours when they were engaged on the client’s business.
  • The client was concerned that the role for which the person was employed was not being adequately undertaken.
  • There were also concerns that, depending on the nature of the second job, there may be a conflict of interest as well as potential risk to intellectual property.


We provided an experienced surveillance team with back grounds from UK special forces, Special Reconnaissance Regiment and MI5.


  • We confirmed our client’s suspicion that the employee was undertaking a second job
  • We confirmed our client was correct in their concern that the hours being undertaken were simultaneous with the client’s employment terms.
  • We identified the place of the second employment to the extent that the client’s concerns about conflict of interest and intellectual property exposure were allayed.

A full report including details of times and events with supporting photographs and evidence was provided. The client was then able to use this to address the issue appropriately.