Why Would You Need A Specialist Security Professional?

When human nature tends to keep us focused on the things that make us happy and successful, it’s understandable that security is often an afterthought, but what is the risk of us as individuals or
our family, our business or our property, being compromised in some way? No one would argue that the world appears to have become less stable and secure over recent years. Whilst we may continue to feel, for the most part, safe at home and work, we are all more aware of potential issues affecting us. It’s a very natural reaction to our perception of the changing world around us but what level of concern is realistic? Risk analysis, in terms of frequency and severity, is a common tool used in many different contexts and it is the basis on which security assessments start, by looking at the main areas of our lives, work, home, travel and family.

What should you expect?

In order to arrive at appropriate recommendations, or level of security required, a professional expert would want to undertake a full review of all your activities, on a week-by-week basis, not
only of the preceding six to twelve months, but also your future plans.

Our working life is frequently the place where security as a need first starts to register.

It goes without saying that an individual’s work will impact on their security. The security provider should want a good understanding of the nature and location of your work, be that
one in the private or public sector. Any review would include a detailed review of your place or places of work. This will be the same regardless of whether, or not, your position is one where
you are well known publicly, the position you hold is a matter of public interest, or where the activities of your business have a significant impact on the general public.

Our personal lives carry the same security demands as our professional lives and from a security specialist’s point of view, both are inextricably linked.

Reviewing security for existing and potential residential properties needs to include all conceivable issues and current security measures. The aspects they should consider run from
exposure and hidden weak points outside the plot, perimeter security (physical and electronic), and access points through to internal precautions such as safe rooms and exit strategies.
Consideration would be given to local crime rates, civil unrest, terrorism, natural disasters and the effectiveness of reaction by emergency services. The aim is to deter, detect, deny and delay
any unauthorised access. It’s really important for these reviews to be carried out on-site by an experienced security assessor and not conducted remotely.

The type of travel an individual undertakes, whether for business or for pleasure, alone or in a company, has a notable effect on the level of risk which is to be considered and this will vary greatly depending on the specific location and country.

When considering any travel for you and/or your family, the professional should fully explore the level of perceived risk within a country itself, including factors such as local crime, civil unrest, political stability and the quality of local enforcement agencies. The status and wealth of an individual takes on an extra dimension in specific countries where the local situation and their
own profile may place them at greater risk. Trains, taxis and commercial flights all greatly increase the number of interactions and therefore the potential risk. Private cars, larger vehicles or aircraft all provide for a greater level of security. In some countries and locations, this would be a minimum standard, with armed escorts and or armoured vehicles and vehicle convoys being some of the more extreme measures for ensuring safe passage. Non-business travel can often demand greater examination due to the potential for an increased number of individuals, transfers,
activities and locations.

In some situations, where a risk exists for an individual, it can also transfer to their immediate family.

Any effective security provider will consider your family’s risk to be synonymous to your own level of risk. As well as the consideration of an unwelcome bi-product of an attack against
you, careful consideration must also be given to a direct threat for the purposes of extortion, or distraction. Each of the areas of Work, Home, Travel and Location need to be considered for each person who may be affected. If this is an area of concern, in our experience, the preferred solution is for it to be managed in a way which doesn’t interfere with normal family life and is as discreet as possible. The extent of social media activity brings with it an extended set of concerns when considering security. One of the primary concerns is the disclosure of the person’s location, which can have an impact on both their personal security as well as possibly increasing the threat to their property.

And finally, putting it to the test.

A security solution can be put to the test by running penetration testing. This involves a combination of overt and covert attempts to circumvent the security systems and is carried out by an independent team, usually without the knowledge of any existing security team. Penetration testing can be an excellent tool for identifying weaknesses and should always include a detailed
report as well as recommendations for improvements. Mobius International are experts in the provision of Bespoke Protection Services. If you would like to discuss any security needs or concerns in complete confidence please contact us.

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